In accordance with the Personal Information and Protection of Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), the following terms and conditions apply to the collection of personal information by Soaring Heights Technology from its customers.


Personal Information: includes information which identifies you, including your name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card or banking information, the results of any credit searches performed with your consent, internet usage and related statistics, any correspondence between you and Soaring Heights Technology, any correspondence directed to Soaring Heights Technology in relation to your use of the services provided by Soaring Heights Technology.
Services: include internet access, web services, email, web design, security, and any other services provided by Soaring Heights Technology from time to time.
You, Your: means the customer who purchases the Services from Soaring Heights Technology.


In the course of providing the Services to you, Soaring Heights Technology will collect Personal Information. Soaring Heights Technology will only collect that information which is required to provide the Services to you, and any information incidental to providing the Services to you.

Confidentiality, Safeguards, Retention:

All Personal Information collected by Soaring Heights Technology will be kept confidential by Soaring Heights Technology and only disclosed in accordance with the terms of this policy.
Soaring Heights Technology has put in place appropriate safeguards to ensure that Personal Information is only accessible to those within Soaring Heights Technology who require the information to provide the Services and for the internal use of Soaring Heights Technology. These safeguards include anonymizing software where statistical information is disclosed.
The Personal Information will be retained during the period in which the Services are provided by Soaring Heights Technology to you, and for a further seven (7) year period following termination of the Services for historical statistical tracking and accounting purposes. Following the expiration of seven (7) years the Personal Information will be destroyed in a secure fashion.


The Personal Information will be used by Soaring Heights Technology to perform the Services, and only for the internal use of Soaring Heights Technology in order to offer the Services. Examples of such usage will include for the purpose of billing, physical locations for installs, product sales, and ascertaining areas for growth of improvement of service.
Personal Information will be made available to employees and authorized contractors of Soaring Heights Technology on a need to know basis and all employees and authorized contractors will be required to use the Personal Information only in accordance with the terms of this policy.
Personal Information will not be shared with any third parties or sold to any third parties except in accordance with the terms of this Policy. Personal Information may be communicated with third party contractors for the purpose of communicating to you the availability of new products and services from Soaring Heights Technology, and/or to undertake surveys of its customers for quality assurance purposes. It may also be used for the Soaring Heights Technology business operations including personnel and employment matters, and to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Consent and Disclosure:

When applying for the Services you consent to the collection of the Personal Information by Soaring Heights Technology and the use of that information in accordance with the terms of this Policy. You consent to Soaring Heights Technology disclosing the information to the following parties without prior notice to you:
In the event that Soaring Heights Technology needs to disclose personal information for a purpose not set out in this Policy, Soaring Heights Technology will obtain your consent to disclosure, such consent may be given verbally or in writing.

Amendments to this Policy:

In the event Soaring Heights Technology amends this policy it shall give you no less than ten (10) days notice of the effective date of such amendments, such notice to be given by email to the address given to us by you at the time you purchased the Services (or as updated by you) and by posting the changes on the Soaring Heights Technology website at You will be deemed to have consented to the changes unless you notify Soaring Heights Technology prior to the expiration of the ten (10) day period that you do not consent, or you discontinue receipt of the Services on or before the expiration of the ten (10) days.

Access to Information and Correction of Errors:

Upon request in writing to the Privacy Officer below you may request access to your Personal Information. In the event that you identify any inaccuracies in the Personal Information collected by Soaring Heights Technologys, you are asked to please notify Soaring Heights Technology in writing directed to the Privacy Officer of any corrections as soon as possible.

More Information:

If you require more information with respect to this Policy and/or the use of your Personal Information, or have any concerns or complaints regarding the use of your Personal Information, please contact the Soaring Heights Technology Privacy Officer, Karen Smorang-Weselak at
In addition, you may address any concerns to the Office of the Privacy Commission for Canada at